This Little Underground: Grand Collab debuts at Will's Pub

"It’s always a good thing whenever a new showcase concept pops up. But Grand Collab is one for which I’m cheering especially hard because I believe so much in its premise. A joint between Chris “DJ Cub” Mendez and Sandra Quinlan, this series hopeful shoots for diversity through multi-genre shows. It’s the exact precept I’ve always used for shows I curate because I think you build a deeper, more aware and more broadly supportive scene when you open the doors between the rooms in this house of ours. Things begin to circulate more and fresh air starts moving through. On my own, I’ve had only limited success with propagating this ideal, as if the very concept just cramped everyone’s damn brains or something. But the ones who get it really seemed quenched by the effort, so I really hope Grand Collab can further this exciting and nourishing paradigm."